Moment Lens for mobile
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The Lens That Changed Mobile Photography

I have been studying on how to further my mobile photography. After few months of research and consuming content online, Moment lens keeps popping up. So I went on and shifted my research if this piece of accessory for the mobile phone really improves the quality of mobile photography including videography.

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A Portrait Photography Workshop With Nadirah Zakariya

Learned something from Nadirah Zakariah

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A Phone For Photographers?

There are so many good mobile phone these days that can deliver exceptional image quality. This is not an exception. See what this mobile phone have that others doesn’t.

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Mobile Phone Photography To The Next Level

I have never been so excited about photography than ever before.. 

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Candyminimal Craze

It all started when Matt Crump, a photographer was bored of taking pictures of what he normally does from day to day.