Vote PGT Jeziel (One of Lazi's Music Talents)

Jeziel "Tata" Pamaong Dimagnaong has been in the music industry in the Province of Siquijor and nearby cities for quite some time. He's not that old though, just 36 years old. He has been singing most of the time and this October, he has the shot to win the most respected talent show in the Philippines and all over the world, The Pilipinas Got Talent, a franchise of Freemantle Media's Britain's Got Talent and America's Got Talent. This could be his big break to finally enter the National music industry like the previous winners.
In support for PGT Jeziel, we are launching brigades all over social media to ask for support. This October 8th - 9th, 2011 will be the night where the judges decide if Jeziel will qualify as one of the Finalists. Since audience voting is part of the judging process, we ask for your support to check the links so you can vote too on the mentioned dates. Remember voting only starts after the show.

Check these photos/videos of PGT Jeziel :
Video of his first appearance in PGT audition.
Here is the Facebook Page of PGT Jeziel.
If you want to help for the campaign for PGT Jeziel, Click here.

More Gigs added to Arriba Band's Schedule

Arriba Band has a new updated gig schedule (check right side bar). It only shows they are still recognized as one of the hottest Latin Bands in the country today. They are now performing at the Resorts World Manila , Edsa Shangrila Hotel and still performing at Cafe Havana in Greenbelt 3.
Their teamwork as a band and of course their individual talents are the secret ingredient they stayed in the industry as long as they want.

....and the new generation of Musicians continue to grow.

We are aware that aside from the mentioned rising musicians that are still polishing their talents, there are also those unnoticed and not exposed to the public. These are fellow Lazihanons who just love to play and learn music but have no time to share it with other people. I would advise those people though, to use the most common and most effective way of introducing yourselves and your talent to the world... Use the internet as your medium.
Long live LAZI MUSICIANS !!!!

If you are a Lazihanon who not just love music but also love to communicate to other Lazihanons around the world, join our group at facebook . Its "Lazihanons United". Just search for it and join. You are very much welcome..

Deborah "Debbie" Ontal recognized as International Latin & Jazz Performer.

Ms. Deborah "Debbie" Ontal was recognized as an International Latin & Jazz Performer last May 21,2009 at Dipolog City during the Live Concert of Mr. Dodong Jumawan which she guested.. It was held at ZPOL Restaurant Dipolog City.
She performs as vocalist of Aribba Band which is seen Mondays and Fridays at Cafe Havana, Greenbelt 3 and on Saturdays at Cafe Havana, Malate.
Congratulations... We are proud of you!!!!

Fiesta Jamming @ Berkely Square Music Bar, Lazi, Siquijor (May 14,2009)

Lazihanons were united again during the Jamming session at Berkely Square music bar at Lazi, Siquijor..
Berkely Square has been the home for our musicians and music lovers in general. For more than a decade, it has brought unity to Lazihanons through music in particular. 

Our Lazihanons and even visitors and tourists who will be going home or visiting Siquijor and Lazi in particular should check out this amazing place.

From many years until  now, Lazi has been tagged as home of musicians and talented individuals...

Keep posted for more info and updates related to this blog....


Lazi Music

Lazi, Siquijor is home of talented individuals... It is well known for supremacy in music and has produced extraordinary individuals who are at par to musicians worldwide.... This blog help us know them more so that they will stay within us forever...