Revisiting Merdeka Square

This was my second photo walk at Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur with some friends with common interest in photography. We actually have a closed group in Facebook where we meet and discuss about about anything related to photography. The last time we were around 5 and we had fun taking photos until the evening.
Last May 1,2013, labor day to most countries in the world, a good friend, Emmer Gulle asked me if we can do a photo walk at a random place since he has no work. Checked my schedule and I was free so we decided to create a facebook event from our group. I didn’t expect many to join since it is a Wednesday and 99% of the members could be working.

So with my friend Emmer and my wife, we waited for the blue hour or the golden hour and took some shots..

Merdeka Square - Kuala Lumpur

Some lights for the building with the tower clock was not lit up. It could have looked much interesting with the changing colors of that said building. I guess we were just not so lucky this time. We moved to different angles and got some shots. This is so far the best angle as I checked.

On the other side of this view is the flagpole, considered as one of the tallest and biggest flagpoles in asia. This is what I captured.

Merdeka Square Kuala Lumpur

Wait… and there’s more!

I managed to capture a short time lapse at this viewing angle.. do check it out below.

[youtube id=”dHli89KRxLs” align=”center”]

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