Missing Home

Part of being home sick, I felt like I need to write a blog  as part of coping up with it. No better way of doing it with re processing some photos I took during the last time I went home for vacation. That was May of 2012 and I so missed my hometown.

When the month of May comes, everything starts to get worst than any other months of the year and mind you, it felt more than how we miss home during Christmas. That is how we are structured, mostly Filipinos do and we tend to grow larger and larger families keeping them closer than anybody else. Why May? It is when we celebrate our Annual Town Fiesta and it’s not just about food and all the activities but it is the time of the year that relatives, friends, classmates, childhood playmates, and even friends of friends and so on visit and go back home to celebrate. They usually plan it a year ahead just to make sure they can go home. I am talking internationally here as people from my hometown are scattered across the globe.

During this time when I went home, that was May 2012 for almost 3 weeks, my dslr camera was still 3 months old and I didn’t even have a tripod yet. Fairly new to using my camera but I did study the basic theories for photography since a year or two back.

The photo above was taken at Kagusuan beach. These photos from Kagusuan were nearly forgotten as I forgot about the photos and it was until few days ago, after 2 years that when I checked the photos I took during that time, I was able to discover these photos. Huge rock formations dominate this place but the water here is usually calm during summer and less people go here as behind this is a thick forest and a little bit far from where more people live. 

This place is a fisherman’s haven and some fishermen just park their boats basically everywhere. Captured this boat under a tree and processed it in black and white and I was happy with the result

Re processing these photos helped me deal with how I felt being home sick and definitely it helped me at the same time in honing my post processing skills. Having said that, non of this BS would have been mentioned if I didn’t have a feel good news. Well, just throwing it out somewhere. My plan to go home is this October. 

This is it for now. Anything? Please comment below. 

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