Kuala Lumpur Skyscrapers in Monochrome

My recent admiration to monochrome or as we call it black and white has really changed how I shoot, composition wise. The more I shoot in monochrome, the more I appreciate city scapes or anything worth to shot in monochrome. 

One weekend, while catching some pokemons on the streets of KL, I came across some interesting  buildings and took some shots in all monochrome glory. Please do take note that all photos were taken by my trusty Huawei P9, in monochrome mode. Slight adjustments were done after the photos were taken using the in camera app editing tools with just boosting contrast and adjusting brightness according to what I like. 

The streets in busy KL are so calm and less cars during the weekend so I had the opportunity to take any angle as I can with the subjects. 

I even went closer to the building and did some looking up and close up shots of its details. 
I had so much fun capturing the photos under the slightly hot weather. That was around 2pm on a bit cloudy skies. 

Having been able to accomplish two things in one trip, I was happy with what I did. Not to mention the rare pokemons I caught during that day. 
For someone who wants to explore the cities near you, I suggest visiting those places during weekends. Just be prepared and bring extra clothes and more water to hydrate yourself.

Do you know a place where I can explore and take photos? Let me know by commenting below.

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