Binibining KL Pinoy 2014 Photoshoot

 The Official Candidates of Bb. KL Pinoy 2014 with the reigning Queen Bb. KL Pinoy 2013
The Official Candidates of Bb. KL Pinoy 2014 with the reigning Queen Bb. KL Pinoy 2013

It was an honor to shoot the official candidates alongside the official photographer of the Binibining KL Pinoy, one of the most prestigious and highly anticipated beauty pageant by the whole Filipino community and organized by the KL Pinoy community here in Kuala Lumpur.  

I got invited by a friend who happens to be a member of the organizing committee of this pageant to shoot for the pageant’s official photo shoot to be used as campaign for the whole event. Not only that, this shoot is where a Miss Photogenic will be selected so it is very important shoot for the candidates as well.

It was a really hot afternoon and the meet time was 2PM at Lake Gardens here in Kuala Lumpur. I haven’t been there at those times so I did not expect it to be very hot. It was scourging hot and little did I know, the candidates are also “hot”. 

They hired a photographer to do the shoot and 3 of us shoot as secondary shooter. I was happy it went that way so it would be less pressure on us to get the shot done. The experience was great and it was my first time shooting for a pageant and they have specifics like a series of shots taking half body, then full body and doing it over and over again with the 12 candidates.

Lake gardens was the perfect location for that shoot as there were few people and the scenery is really great. And even if you shoot there over and over again, it won’t really be the same at all because the Lake Gardens is so huge and lot of places inside to shoot. Good luck to all the contestants and congratulations to the organizers for their time and efforts in making sure the event will be a success. More power KL Pinoy.

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