A New & Sophisticated Autism Behavioral Center (ABC) Opens At Bangsaria

The Autism Behavioral Center opened its doors to the public with its new, spacious and state of the art facility on the 3rd level of Bangsaria, Jalan Maarof, Kuala Lumpur last Saturday, December 17, 2016.

With the aim to Support children with Autism and related disorders, their services include but not limited to ABA therapy (home and centre based) & School Shadowing.
Big congratulations to the Director and Founder of ABC, Charlene Marie Samuel for this great achievement for putting up this facility in such a very strategic location to help and provide such services. 

I was able to tour around the facility and was impressed with how it embodies a child friendly environment in a very simplistic approach. From colorful doors, toys and well lit rooms and spacious playground. It’s what parents would want in a center for their kids.

Below are some toys that the kids play. I noticed that these are not just ordinary toys. They are specifically chosen as part of their services.

Well trained therapists attend to each child in a one therapy per child which means each child under a therapy will be maximizing the potential of a session making it ideal for learning and growth.

Below are the therapists together with the Director, Charlene during their group pictorial.

This center has about 40 individual rooms for individual therapy session. Other rooms are a bit larger for some specific purposes. The center is the whole 3rd floor of Bangsaria so imagine how spacious and how exclusive the center is.

I was able to see the therapists in action and I am amazed in their dedication, expertise and passion for the job. They can really be trusted to be with kids no matter what. After all, that is the most important thing.

They also conducted free workshop for parents and individuals who are interested and who want to broaden their knowledge about Autism as a whole.

This is what you see before entering Bangsaria. It has a very huge name on its sidewalk and it is located near a Petron petrol station and just few meters from Bangsar Village.

Centers such as this make a big difference, making autism therapy and awareness more accessible. I am no expert in Autism but I can tell you they are. I suggest you drop by to see how they work and to know the range of services they offer.
They are open from Monday-Friday 10AM-3PM

New intake starts on 2nd Jan 2017.
Call 012-2852007 for more information.

They can also be reached through their Facebook Page.

Also their main website is www.projecthope4autism.com/

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