Playstation Experience 2017 SEA – Kuala Lumpur

I knew about this event through Facebook upon seeing PlayStation Asia’s post. So I went on this event not knowing what to expect. I arrived 9AM thinking I was so early as the posters show it starts at 10AM. As it turned out, I found myself at the end of a long queue that is 500 meters or maybe even 1000m. It was a very long queue which took me 4 hours to get inside.


First  and foremost, the location is very small compared to the number of people flocking the event. The result, event goers sufferred. If only it was held on a much bigger location, it would be nice to stay until the event ends. 


I think those hardcore gamers really enjoyed being there. Seeing new game titles being released and  some of the people who made the game were there so it must be a dream come true for them. 

Game merchandises were also sold to fans inside the Experience area and the big stage is where the big announcements happened.


I must say there are some aspects to improve on the organizers side that I mentioned above, on the other side, it’s free so who are we to complain.  

This is it for now, catch you on my next post.  Check out the video I compiled during this event.

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