OneFC: War Of Nations (The Official Weigh-In)

I had a chance to shoot the weigh-in event that happened today, a day before the big event, the OneFC: War Of Nations which will take place at Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Big thanks to my friend Justin Ng of MOPSG (Ministry of Photography Singapore) who hooked me up to shoot for the event. 

It was an awesome experience to shoot the weigh-in alongside many other photographers with a very limited and restricted position. The whole event was so quick that it lasted less than an hour. The room was filled with media people, photographers and enthusiasts. 

Important things to remember:

Be There Early

Nothing beats being there while few people are still in the venue. It’s because you will have time to relax and meet the people who are preparing for the event.

Plan Where To Shoot

Apart from being early is you’ll be able to plan where to shoot and know which are the allowed locations that you can shoot. During this weigh-in event just an hour before it started, we were actually briefed by someone who directs the whole thing and we were told what to do and who has the priority shots. We were told to be aware of the video camera as the event will be recorded. They also have a media stand at the very back and I positioned myself at the very front just a meter or less from the stage.

I was able to see the people behind OneFC including their CEO Victor Cui. I hesitated to go up to him and shake his hands. Other OneFC staffs that I only follow in Twitter were also spotted. The weigh-in went smooth as planned and everybody was able to do their thing. Some local fighters were interviewed by local media people and fighters all over the place taking pictures with some fans etc. There were 10 pairs that weighed but it was just quick that I did not even notice it was over.  A very new but wonderful experience for me and I will shoot this similar event next time it will happen here in Kuala Lumpur. 
UPDATE: The OneFC War Of Nations blog is now posted. Do check it out.

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