Marce + Steph

We had an amazing Sunday with the couple and the rest of the team who helped in making this shoot possible. It did not went normally as planned due to changes of the weather but the whole experience was awesome and I’m sure the couple were also happy for that same experience. There were always those times during the shoot that you become tired but then when you look back at what has been done during the day and when you glance at the camera screen and see wonderful results, you will not feel tired again.

The location was Putrajaya. This place is full of amazing architecture and scenery and very ideal for couple photo shoots. We just picked few places to shoot or else our day will not be enough considering how vast the area .


We had variety of shots due to the variety of angles to choose to even in one location.
Marce likes to shoot his toys so we agreed to incorporate it with their shoot.  Here are the photos:


The couple wanted to have a shoot with the Twin Towers in the back ground so we went to KLCC during the later part of the day. Unfortunately weather did not cooperate. After we arrived and shot few clicks with the towers as background, it rained so hard that we had to end the shoot.

I would like to thank the couple Marce and Steph for letting us capture a special moment before their wedding, we wish you both the best on your new journey in life together.
Big thanks to the crew, Emmer (co photographer) for the invite, Adam, Reynold & Gideon – the video team for working with us. This shoot was a success because of the team effort exerted to each of us.
See you guys on the next shoot.

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