Happiest 5K On The Planet

After 3 long years, The Color Run is back in Malaysia and I was lucky to be part of it. 
I can still remember everyone’s enthusiasm for this event way back May 2017 when they started announcing the registration. Me and some friends immediately registered knowing that the slots will easily get full since this is a very popular event. Indeed I was right. 

 Getting ready
Getting ready
 And some selfies
And some selfies

I understood that this is not for those hardcore runners, I am not one. But this is for those who are still new to running. Even though this is 5K, it is still a run to go specially if you haven’t joined this before.

It’s understandable for me that some did not join just to improve their 5k but just to be able to enjoy running with friends and music in a colorful way. I noticed during today’s event that more younger generation runners joined.

 Ar the finish line... 
Ar the finish line… 

I also can see why the organizers did not make this as 10k. It would be such long way to go and that would mean more color stations plus more water stations whick equates to more expenses from the organizers. So I guess that 5k is really a sweet spot for this type of running event.

 after run party
after run party

Kudos to the organizers and sponsors of this event for making it such a successful one.


It culminated with few hours of music, games and lots of color throwing. I had fun and so my friends. This is an example of what makes running so addictive. The joy within the community and young and new runners enjoying every step they can. Enjoy the video I created and experience being there.

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