BMW Malaysian Open 2016 – Olympus OMD-EM1 Test – SPORTS

I headed to the BMW Malaysian Open for two reasons. One was to test the Olympus OMD Em1 and two, to see these professional players play in person. I’m a tennis fan and being able to see them in person is a dream come true to me. So I went for two days, the qualifying and the quarterfinals.

I must say, the OMD Em1 with the M. Zuiko 45-150mm F2.8 performs like any other high end dslrs out there. The quality of the photos speaks for themselves. I had no problem catching the subjects as they move back and forth in the court. I was able to freeze the action with high shutter speed reaching into 1/2000 and up. this was because it was very hot day. My only problem was that, I was shooting in broad daylight with no protection at all. I forgot to bring even just a cap to protect my head from the sun. I did get a tan after that day but it was worth getting with the shots above.


The night shots were different. To be honest, this is where the Olympus OMD Em1 kinda struggled. I noticed it wont give me the correct color of the environment when I use aperture priority so I switched to manual. It got a bit better but too high ISO led to more noise on the photos. Below are the photos taken during night time.


The experience was awesome. Shooting this kind of international event is a huge step for me. Another good thing is that I get to see professionals play in person. I also even get to see those photographers with big lenses who shoot for a living.

Learned so many things during this event and I will cherish it forever.
This will be my first of many coverage of sports event.

Congratulations to Elina Svitolina for winning the BMW Malaysian Open 2016.
I hope to shoot again next year. 

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