ALYA WTA Malaysian Open 2017

The tournament name changed but still was played on the same location as last year. It is also a coincidence that the name of the place was changed from KLCCGCC (Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club) to TPC Kuala Lumpur. So don’t get confused, I’m talking about the annual Malaysian Women’s Tennis Open, now known as ALYA WTA Malaysian Open. Despite the name change, this is no ordinary women’s tennis tournament but a WTA sanctioned one. It’s just not a grand event but I’m just thankful it is held in Malaysia and the bonus part is that it’s just 20 minutes from where I live.

Last year was awesome. I witnessed the championship match and saw Elina Svitolina won. She was great. This time, the result was different. Having said that, I would like to let you know that this blog post is not about who is great or who is not great. This is about the experience I had shooting for the event.
Sorry if the intro may find you misleading. But I really had fun shooting for the event that I had to build the story up by giving you a bit of information on what this is all about

My new favorite is this lovely korean player named Su Jeong Jang. She is not just a K-Pop looking babe on the court but she really is good. She won this match (above) from a tie break, then the next day, played against Elina Svitolina the defending champ.

Wondering why I have these cute beasts? My fellow photographers own them. This year was triple the fun as with me were three photographer friends who also shoot for the event. We were merely shooting for fun and tested the capabilities of our micro four thirds.

I noticed we have something in common. That is perseverance. Despite the very hot weather and sudden rain, we stuck until the end and kept shooting. The results were rewarding.

Thank you to my three buddies Robert Evangelista, Robin Wong and Sim Piin Hor for shooting with me till the end despite the rapid changing weather from a very hot afternoon to a sudden shower at the end. Had time to catch up with them before going the the game.

 Photo by: Robert Evangelista Photo by: Robert Evangelista


 Photo by: Robert Evangelista Photo by: Robert Evangelista

My great friend Robin Wong  (left on photo above ) has a blog post on his experience during this shoot. Go and check it out.

Also check out Robert Evanghelista’s blog. He is our go to guy if we need suggestions for a good place to hang out and eat. He pretty much knows those places which have good light for photography. Check out his blog. He usually shoots food, street and still life. He is the guy on the right from the photo above.

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