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Other Wise Cafe

A photographer’s review of a hipster cafe in Petaling Jaya. Check out what I like about this cafe.

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And The Winner Is…

And finally, the votes have been tallied and the result is up.
Read on and see which mall in KL & PJ won the best Christmas decors for 2017.

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Team Outing @ Lexis Hibiscus – Port Dickson, Malaysia

A quick weekend outing with the team!!!

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PJ Festival 2017

It was a night of music, good food and great location.

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Indulged Myself At TGV

It’s nice to experience premium stuffs once in a while, so I treated myself to TGV Indulge.
Read on to know what happened.

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KL Malls & Their Luxurious Christmas Decors

Christmas is the time of the year where we give and receive gifts from families and friends. Few years back, it used to be a western thing but nowadays, all around the world celebrate it even in a multi cultural country like Malaysia. I had a chance to roam around top malls in KL and took some photos to show you how they decorate the malls during the holidays.