Get To Know More About Me:

I'm a self taught  photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and was born in Lazi, Squijor, Philippines. 


My biggest influence in photography was my Father. He does photography for a living and I love watching him do his gigs on events and parties. 
Started to learn the basic concepts and theories in photography 2 years before I actually had my own DSLR camera. I practiced with my point and shoot Sony camera.
So by the time I had my Nikon DSLR, it was just so easy to learn through the ins and out of the camera and using it because I had a background of the basics in photography

I started photographing my friends and I became more obsessed about photography. So I explored more about the other types of photography. Among those, what I really liked the most is photographing portraits of people and events. I like to capture a moment that is something memorable in which people still want to see it after 10 years and beyond.
Most of my works are in pre-wedding and I love doing it. I love to plan a shoot and executing it as planned. While there are instances that it doesn't always go as planned, solving problems is also part of a photographer's life and I am very much in for problem solving when it comes to a planned photo shoot. 
I had to admit, photo shoots which I plan and execute won't be successful If I was alone. That is why I have a team that I gather and be part of my plan. 
I'm a team player and I value the power of working as a team and not as an individual.
I have my go to guys for make up, light assistants and videographers that are all part of one photography and video team to make sure everything is covered.

I get booked for weddings, pre-weddings and any other events over the weekend and when I don't have one, I spend the weekends shooting with my photography buddies. 
It's what keeps me more passionate about what I do. 

Photography has helped me meet new friends with the same interest and learn more.
For me learning is something you don't stop doing so I make sure I keep myself updated on what is going on in terms of hardware and other stuffs in the photography industry in general. 
It's worth noting that I learn new things related to my industry to make sure my skills are at par to international standards.

I can easily be found in social media (click any of the icons at the bottom of this page). If you wish to  contact me for collaboration or photography services, please click here.

For photography packages, I do photography + inclusion of video services including access to  drone. Contact me for more.


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